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Home Care & Planning


Do you love to entertain but have little time to do so?   Do birthdays and anniversaries sneak up on with an impending sense of dread? 

Let us plan your special occasion.  From casual cookouts to gala celebrations to romantic date nights, we will work within your budget to find a venue, menu, entertainment, wait service and cleanup.  Personalized epic poems of ten verses to fit the occasion are available for an additional fee.

Home Care

Do you own a second home in Ocean City?

We will arrange door to door service including collecting your keys, shopping for groceries, preparing a welcome meal and cleaning up after you depart.  We will help you schedule tee times, excursions and rainy-day activities for children.  Bad weather?  If you own another home in the area, let us check in to see that power is restored and if any exterior cleanup is needed. 

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